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Agency Lending

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What is Securities Lending?

Securities Lending, or "stock loan", is a little understood part of the brokerage industry. Join us for a few minutes as we explain what securities lending is.

Agency Lending


Agency lending -

The agency lending service gives lenders the opportunity to carry out more structured trades compared to principal lending services which are subject to certain concentration and duration limits. For example, all types of term and equity trades are eligible under the agency lending service.

Agency Vs. Non-Agency Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBS)

The heaviest issuance of non-Agency MBS occurred from 2001 through 2007 and then ended in 2008 following the housing/financial crisis. According to JP Morgan’s 2010 piece “Non-Agency Mortgage-Backed Securities, Managing Opportunities, and Risks," “The outstanding balance of non-agency mortgages grew from roughly $600 billion at the end of 2003 to $2.2 trillion at its peak in 2007.”

Agency Lending & Financing | SunTrust Commercial Real Estate

Agency Lending & Financing Customized financing solutions to meet capital needs of multifamily property developers. SunTrust offers a suite of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and HUD-insured loans to the owners of affordable and conventional market-rate multifamily housing and healthcare properties in primary and secondary markets.

Agency Securities Lending | BNY Mellon

Agency Securities Lending. As you look to construct a securities lending program that aligns with your goals and objectives, benefit from BNY Mellon’s vast experience and comprehensive suite of services. We customize a lending profile for you, including a tailored strategy based on your requirements, stated objectives and risk tolerance.

WinPrime Lending | Wholesale Lending

WinPrime Lending’s full product line is available for you to download in matrix format. When you work with WinPrime Lending, you’ll experience common-sense underwriting and high-touch customer service from your Account Executive, Account Manager and Underwriting teams.