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Credit Options

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Understanding the Credit Spread

A short introduction to the Credit Spread option strategy. To learn more visit

Credit Options


Credit Spread Option - Investopedia

DEFINITION of 'Credit Spread Option'. A credit spread option is a financial derivative contract that transfers credit risk from one party to another. The credit risk in this instance is that the risk associated with the particular credit will increase causing the spread to widen, which pushes down the price of the credit.

My Credit Options Guide Tool - Wells Fargo

My Credit Options Guide is: In-depth - Includes sample interest rates, fees, debt-to-income (DTI) ratio information,... Personalized - The information is customized to your situation and credit needs. Yours to keep - Review your results and keep them for your records.

Credit spread (options) - Wikipedia

Credit spread (options) In finance, a credit spread, or net credit spread is an options strategy that involves a purchase of one option and a sale of another option in the same class and expiration but different strike prices. It is designed to make a profit when the spreads between the two options narrows . Investors receive...

Types of Loans & Credit: Different Credit & Loan Options

Types of Credit: Open-End & Closed-End Credit Options The two basic categories of consumer credit are open-end and closed-end credit. Open-end credit, better known as revolving credit , can be used repeatedly for purchases that will be paid back monthly, though paying the full amount due every month is not required.

Wells Fargo Works - Credit - Credit Options

Credit Options Navigating the business credit lifecycle. Buying a vehicle for your business. Using a line of credit as working capital. Part two: Nontraditional sources of business financing to start or expand your business.