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The Evolution of Money

January marks the anniversary of the Euro currency. To celebrate TransferGo have created a video that delves into the introduction, history and evolution of ...

Evolution Money


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5 Stages of Evolution of Money - Your Article Library

5 Stages of Evolution of Money (i) Commodity Money: In the earliest period of human civilization,... (ii) Metallic Money: With progress of human civilization, commodity money changed... (iii) Paper Money: It was found inconvenient as well as dangerous to carry gold... (iv) Credit Money: ...

6 Stages of History And Evolution of Money - Notes Read

6 Stages of History And Evolution of Money 1 Barter. In the beginning of civilization the needs of people were very limited... 2 Commodity Money: Money is in fact discovered to remove Difficulties of barter. 3 Metallic Money. Money made of metal is called metallic money. (4) Paper Money. In the ...

Origin and Evolution of Money - Banco Central do Brasil

Origin and Evolution of Money. The word capital (asset) comes from the Latin capita (head). Similarly, the work salário (salary, compensation, normally in money, due by the employer for the services of an employee) originates from the use of sal [salt], in Rome, for payment of services rendered.

Evolution of Money - Economics

Money went through a long evolution before moving to a modern banking system with the convenience of paper money we use today. Let us see the important stages in the evolution of money. Barter System. Before the birth of money, people relied on a system of barter. This means that people change goods with other goods.