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SAMWU and VBS Mutual bank collaborate to aid lower level municipal workers with home loans

In financial news, a new collaboration between the South African Municpal Workers Union and VBS Mutual bank will for the first time see lower level municipal ...

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Your social security number is needed to verify your identity

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At Least 18
US citizens or permanent residents over 18 years old

Bank Account
You’ll need a checking or savings account

Home Address
It does not matter if you rent or own

You must be employed, self-employed or receiving benefits

Any Credit
It doesn’t matter what your credit score is!

Vbs Big Pic Loans


How the VBS 'bank heist' sparked a parliamentary brawl in ...

A spectacular $130m (£100m) "heist" at a bank in South Africa has provoked a furious political storm, revealing how deeply corruption is now entrenched in local government and beyond, and showing ...

VBS Bank scandal revealed in explosive report - Corruption ...

The release yesterday of The Great Bank Heist, the forensic investigation report into the affairs of VBS Bank, has seen a wave of outrage surge around the nation, as details emerged of how R1.9-billion was looted. VBS started off in 1982 as a small specialist corporate finance and retail bank, and today is at the centre of a vast thieving syndicate.


In Latin, there is a saying: Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? First penned by the Roman poet Juvenal nearly 2,000 years ago, it roughly translates to an all-important question: Who will guard the guardians? In South Africa, now more than ever, this question has become pertinent.. FROM the top of the highest position of Government and Corporate plundering right down to the lowest petty thief each ...

KPMG Archives - Going Concern

Mexican authorities said KPMG Mexico could be fined as much as 30 million pesos (about $1.57 million) for exposing the confidential payroll data of employees at 41 of its clients, which was housed in an unsecured database that wound up on the Internet.

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